I’ve always been a risk taker and a team player. My passion for rock climbing made me a traveler and pushed me beyond my perceived limits. My eighteen years of playing rugby infused me with a team-first work ethic and a deep-rooted desire to win. As the Founding President of The Kinesiology Student Association at Laval University in Quebec city, I learned how to lead. Working in sales at Pfizer, I learned to be structured and efficient. As the youngest territory manager at Nobel Biocare, I was pushed to work smarter and harder, to lead by example. Then, during my years in a tech startup, I learned the flexibility needed to manage uncertainty. When I launched tech business development at Cossette, I had to understand the needs of large corporations as they relate to digital transformation, and what it takes to close big deals. Most recently, following my wife to Mexico has given me a purpose and has made me use all of these skills to create something bigger than I could have imagined; that is designed to have a positive impact on my country of adoption. I am an international business development specialist who enjoys finding innovative solutions to complex business challenges.